Crystal Cryo

Crystal Cryo is a proud local business. We created our spa to be a safe, judgement free, caring environment to tackle anti-aging & body insecurities. Seeing how happy our clients are after their Cryoskin treatments makes our jobs so incredibly rewarding.

Meet Olivia

Founder & passionate owner of Crystal Cryo, Olivia’s dedication to helping others achieve optimal health & wellness is at the heart of everything she does. As a certified Cryotherapy Technician, Olivia has seen firsthand the transformative power of Cryoskin treatments.

She founded Crystal Cryo with the goal of providing her community with a safe & effective way to boost their overall health & wellbeing. Under Olivia’s leadership Crystal Cryo has become a trusted name in the cryotherapy industry, offering state-of-the-art technology & personalized treatment plans to help clients achieve their goals! Experience the difference that Olivia & the Crystal Cryo team can make in your life. Visit us today to discover the benefits of cryotherapy for yourself!